Maximize Your SEO efforts with Pay Per Click


There is a lot of Effort for a successful PPC Campaign. It requires consistent monitoring and management due to the many factors involved, such as click-through rate and quality score; and competition.  Mismanagement can lead to ineffective ads as well as misuse of the budget that results in a money drain. At Winfinity, we have a dedicated Marketing team that will assist you and make sure you get the correct bang for your buck



Our dedicated team guarantees up to a 20% improvement each month and has been proven to increase business from30%to50%, simply by anayzing, monitoring and constantly improving our client’s campaign.


Our team has experience managing PPC campaigns for Small SMEs, to million–dollar campaigns on client’s behalf.


We charge a flat rate every month as our fee and give you the flexibility to set your monthly budget.

What you Get with Winfinity's PPC Services :

Quick setup and adjustment of your account, allowing you to start generating revenue instantly

Precise targeting to attract only interested potential customers

Craft Appealing ads with highly relevant messages

Regular analysis for adjustment and improvement

In-depth analytical reports

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